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What’s the best way to fully understand the benefits of reliability centered maintenance, and the risks of not taking it seriously? Hearing our customer’s stories, share yours with us too!Standards AnalysisThese are true costs for a repair job that wasn’t followed through. Just to show how fast things can change and how much it can cost just for repairs not counting the downtime for the site. 


When a customer complained about chronic drive failures in a crushed rock screener/washer, data was taken on a newly installed replacement for this unit. It was our opinion that no practical design changes would withstand forces of 40-80 G’s for a sustained period of time.

Failure In Progress

Since June, 2003, Pepper Maintenance® has been observing and monitoring the imminent failure of an extremely large, high horsepower gear reducer. The customer is fully aware of the deteriorating condition of the equipment. Pepper Maintenance® will continue to monitor the situation until the customer is able to remove the equipment from service for maintenance and repair.

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