Mission Statement

The mission of Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. is to bring the service of predictive maintenance to industry through the use of infrared thermography, vibration analysis, precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections.  Fulfilling our customers' needs is our highest priority.  By adhering to top industry standards, our goal of customer satisfaction will be attained.

Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Do It

Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in infrared thermography and vibration analysis as its primary service to industry.  In late 2010, we added precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections to our menu of services.  Pepper is staffed by highly qualified thermographers who are trained and certified as Level I, II or III by the Academy of Infrared Thermography in Kanloops, British Columbia. These same specialists are trained and experienced in all the services we offer.

Predictive, preventive maintenance programs offer many benefits. Infrared surveys help to prevent breakdowns, fires and explosions and show the condition of all equipment.  Locating abnormal heat patterns or "hot spots" can save customers money and downtime. At the same time, vibration services assess equipment performance and operating conditions such as misalignment, structural issues, looseness, design flaws and any other issues identified with this examination. Both precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections work hand in hand with our very successful and reliable thermography inspection services.

During an inspection, specialists collect data on both electrical and mechanical equipment while the equipment is running to check for both abnormal heat flow and operating conditions.  Data can be collected on electrical panels, motors, drives, bearings and all mechanical components.  

The use of all the services we offer (infrared thermography, vibration analysis, precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspection) is becoming widely used and the benefits are tangible.  These are among the most effective ways to determine what is going on in a plant and the condition of the equipment being used. Pepper receives excellent feedback from clients and continues to bring these services to more customers in the various industries that benefit from these types of inspections. Infrared thermography, vibration analysis, laser alignment and ultrosonic inspections are service technologies that will remain critical to our success for many years to come.

Services Offered and Risk Management

Inspections do not require plant shutdown, using non-contact technologies, and have proven to be very effective instruments in predictive/preventive maintenance technology and risk management.

When problems are located, they are placed in one of four risk level categories:  low, moderate, high and extreme, where low is the lowest priority and extreme calls for immediate attention.  Finding low and moderate risk levels are the most desireable because they can be remedied before further problems result.  Scheduling timely surveys is the most effective way to yield the best return for your investment.

Laws of thermodynamics do apply and equipment is constantly in a state of wear and tear.  Best returns occur when surveys yield low and moderate problems, making high and extreme anomalies a thing of the past.