What Is Predictive Maintenance? News Release

As the old saying goes, "a penny saved is a penny earned."   In recent years, the idea of infrared thermography and vibration analysis has been introduced to more and more industries with this purpose in mind. In an effort to bring you the latest technology and make our goal of reliability centered maintenance even more predictable, Pepper Maintenance (in late 2010 and early 2011) added laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections to our menu of services. Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. has brought infrared thermography to grain, fertilizer, feed and processing industries. The objective is to develop cost effective programs that save clients money and minimize downtime. Motors, bearings, shafts, and electrical components give off heat. Pepper surveys seek out heat patterns and temperature differentials.  Comparing phase-to-phase temperatures or heat patterns and bearing-to-bearing temperatures or heat patterns is vital to interpreting problems and recommending solutions. How does Pepper's survey address these problems and solutions?  
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Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. is happy to announce a new partnership with EMW Industrial which will be called Pepper Industrial Maintenance Group. This partnering will benefit EMW’s customers throughout Western Canada. EMW Industrial offers quality design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of equipment for agri-business and industrial clients while the mission of Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. is to bring the service of predictive maintenance to industry through the use of infrared thermography and vibration analysis, laser alignment, and ultrasonic inspections. Pepper’s main focus is on grain, fertilizer, feed, processing facilities and municipal waste water systems throughout North America. read more

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The application of Infrared technology as we know it, within the industrial sectors of the US and Canada, has been in place for quite some time. Much of the free world has also been involved in its rise and development. Most likely the application of the technology dates back to just after the Second World War when the splitting of the atom was achieved. These atomic researchers in physics were able to develop infrared technology in much the same way as one avenue helped develop the other. The more crudely developed understandings of the infrared spectrum date back much further as the atomic age began to emerge over 100 years ago. Its rudimentary forms have been around for centuries in theory. The current level of development has just been refined, but the science remains the same.  read more

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Since 1997, Pepper Maintenance Systems, Inc. has been in the business of vibration and infrared analysis.  During those years, we have seen many unique and common situations.  Just when it seems we have encountered every possible circumstance,  something new appears.  It has become clear to us that we’ll never stop learning.

The above slideshow is a compilation of photos of many situations we have seen through the years.  Some of the problems are obvious in the illustrations, but in other cases, what appears to be perfectly normal on the surface is actually a potentially dangerous and costly situation.

Preventive maintenance, through regular inspections that include infrared and vibration analysis will save you costly downtime and prevent a potentially dangerous work environment for you and your employees.  It is the key to optimum production at your facility.

The above slideshow is a collaborative project by Randy Springer and Gay Birky.


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