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About Us

The mission of Pepper Maintenance® is to bring the service of reliability centered maintenance to industry through the use of infrared thermography, vibration analysis, precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections. Fulfilling our customers’ needs is our highest priority. By adhering to top industry standards, our goal of customer satisfaction will be attained.

Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Do It 

Pepper Maintenance® is a privately owned company specializing in infrared thermography and vibration analysis as its primary service to industry. In late 2010, we added precision laser alignment and ultrasonic inspections to our menu of services. Pepper Maintenance® is staffed by highly qualified thermographers who are trained and certified as Level I or II by the Infrared Training Center(ITC). These same specialists are trained and experienced in all the services we offer.

Our Team

Randy Springer (Owner/President)
Ed LaPreze (Sales/Marketing Director) 
Doug Bohman (Technician) 
Chad Kleinschmidt (Vibration Analyst) 
Tom Springer (Technician) 
Brad Nafziger (Technician/API) 
Clint Turner (Technician) 
Connie Yeazle (Office Manager) 
Stacy Yeazle (Scheduling) 
Dean Nafziger (Scheduling) 
Rachelle Springer (Office Assistant) 
Seth Schneider (Safety Coordinator & Vibration Analyst) 
Jodi Springer (Infrared Report Processor)



Safer Employees

Equipment Longevity

Maximum Up Time

Increased Income

Lower Liability